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Having seen the books mentioned it occurred to me that they might fill a gap in my Vincent life. When I had to sell my last Rapide and it was pretty obvious that I was unlikely to be able to afford to replace it, I passed all my MPHs on to a North German Vincent owner that I got to know by chance.

Since then I rather regret not having the articles that Ian Hamilton wrote for MPH detailing the development of my Egli over the years. Can anybody tell me if those articles made it into one or both of the books, or were they considered too "exotic" for that?



Tom Gaynor

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Ian Hamilton

Although I recollect that someone floated the idea of printing Ian's articles as a book, I don't believe anything happened. They certainly aren't in FYO or ATY as "a series" although there are 13 (lucky...) articles on the Jameson special in ATY.
Ian's articles started in MPH 446 (I've just looked at my first copy of MPH, January 1993, and part 50 of the Hamilton saga is in there). It was still going in ?1996? when Ian was killed at Cadwell.
It might be worth contacting Giovanni Cabassi who has two of Ian's bikes, and may (I don't know) have the development records too.