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fuel additives


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I saw an add on e-bay for a tin-amalgam additive for fuel. Is this a joke, or is there merit to their claims? Wondering if anyone has had experience with these products. Thanks, Dan

Comet Rider

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Fuel Cat

What you have seen is called Fuel-Cat in the UK. Depending upon the lead content it can and will work.

A much simpler method is to put some proper lead pellets into a mesh bag, and drop this into your tank..

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Yes I heard that too when it was first introduced several years ago. I recall someone reffered to it as 20th Century 'snake oil'.
Personally I have had no experience with it so could not comment one way or the other.

Ian Savage

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An extract from


"Another major success during the year concerned a device called “Fuel Cat” which was claimed, amongst other things, to allow vehicles designed to run on 4 star leaded fuel, to use unleaded fuel.
Officers complained to the Advertising Standards Authority and the complaint was upheld, forcing the suppliers to cease producing misleading advertising for this product thus restricting its market prominence."
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