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front mudguards stays


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What I do is to assemble it, then disassemble, reassemble, repeat 3 or 4 times, walk around the block swearing and then get it right on the 4th try. This seems to work.

chankly bore

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front mudguard stays

On all the machines that seem to operate safely and well,the shorter stay is down near the magneto cowl.You do not want any possibility of the stay or guard locking against the cowl so check this point before you fit your front fork springs and ride your bike.


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That test is also a good, perhaps vital, one to ensure that you have the correct combination of front damper and lower damper mounts. The short ones go with the original Vincent damper. The longer ones were intended to be used with the later Armstrong damper. More recently there have been several other dampers provided for our bikes. About a year ago I checked out a Vincent racer and when the bike was lifted up-wards so that the front forks were allowed to drop as far as the damper allowed the lower mudguard stay was hard up against the mag cowl. Not very good for cornering no matter what tyre one uses. If in doubt do this test to ensure that the lower stay cannot ever drop so far back that it can foul the front of the engine.:cool:

Hugo Myatt

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Mudguard stays

I have always believed the short stays are to the rear and the long stays to the front. The long stay has the flat on the inside, the short stay has the flat on the outside giving vital clearance for the brakeplate stop anchor. Also the front stay ends are positioned inside of the rear stay ends at the fork blades for the same reason.
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