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Front guard on series "A"


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VOC Member
Its a simple link on the VOC website: 998 email address to private email address
I don't suppose anyone told the webmaster to update it. Its is good policy to use the correct official address
Members of the exec have 998 e-mails and the sections have 499 e-mails.


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Perhaps what is needed is some kind of inventory of what people need to restore/finish their bikes. I have wondered about genuine fuel tanks......Is there anyone who could make an accurate replica (perhaps the entire thing in stainless) and what would the cost be.........:eek:..........because labor costs are so high these days, this is something that could be made in India.......We all know they can produce a good product, as some of their post war tanks are pretty good, only the position of the mount lugs are in the wrong spot. Once again the numbers are so small...........Original numbers, what 76 twins and about 440 singles.........how many still exist or are complete enough to restore. I see some restorations can take 10 plus years, lack of parts, and lack of funds......Yes it does get very expensive. Look at how much it costs just to restore a genuine chronometric speedo. Mark.........what engine parts do you need..........?.......Cheers.........Greg.
I agree that an inventory would be great. I have found a lot of parts that were missing but it's all very low key.
I've sent you an email of the outstanding parts I need. I'm getting close now but started with a bare head, scrap cylinder etc...

greg brillus

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Does anyone know the approximate position of the mercury crest HRD transfer on the top of the series "A" tanks........?........This for the singles and for the twins if they are different, as I know the twin tanks are larger. Cheers............Greg.

Marcus Bowden

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Put it where YOU think it looks nice. Bugger other peoples thoughts as you'll be looking at it a lot more than they will, my bikes are in the carport to go any time and never covered as I look at them to and fro from the workshop and when I'm sat on the outside thrown contemplating my naval, surprising the ideas that pass through ones mind.

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