Front carb, 'B' series Rapide


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I've having a major shed clear out and amongst the odds and sods that all motorcyclists accumulate I've come across an old type 276 carb that I've had for some thirty odd years. It has a clip on mounting, not a flange, the numbers are 276CJ/1DO and according to my Amal info it is the original fitment for the front cylinder of a 'B' series Rapide.

It's reasonably complete being minus the bellmouth, the cable adjusters and the float bowl locking screw. I don't want it (look at my callsign) and have no use for it. I have nothing else Vincent and I have no idea where I got it. Or why for that matter. It just followed me home, officer.

If anyone is interested AUD50 plus p&p to wherever, will see me lovingly pack it and send it off to someone who has a use for it. I live in Melbourne, Australia, if that is helpful.


Henry Martini

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Hi Villiers,
I have a great need for this item and would like to purchase it from you (take it as Sold) PM me at xxxxxxx@xxx or my details.
thanks, Henry Martini
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