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Front brake return spring


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I'd like to fit an external return spring to my front brake on the right side. Can anyone help me with sourcing one of these please?


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This is what I have: http://www.vincentownersclub.co.uk/...=7599&title=front-brake-return-spring&cat=767

Homemade bracket and suitable spring from the hardware store.

Edit: I didn't read the original post well.:(

I had to use this because I added stiffening gussets http://www.vincentownersclub.co.uk/photos/showphoto.php?photo=2843&title=brake-mod&cat=646 and http://www.vincentownersclub.co.uk/photos/showphoto.php?photo=2842&title=brake-mod&cat=646 to the backing plates and the std spring that hooks on the cam arm wouldn't go on.
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Here's a thought. Go to your local Hobby Shop and get some piano wire the diameter your spring needs to be. Then make or locate something the correct diameter shaft. Then you need an old nut that will pass over it and slot it to trap the wire's end. Now, practice winding the piano wire inside the nut, around the shaft until you're proficient, A lathe (wood or metal) or drill press will really help. Make sure you have some large Electrician's Pliers called "Sidecutters" so you can hold on to it, cut it and make sharp bends and after a bit of trial and error, you can even make simple springs for...... well, uhh, mouse traps? Seriuosly though, that's how you make a spring. Better yet, GOOGLE how to make a spring winder.... I'm a lousy explainer!
Cheers, John:confused:
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The 8 inch brake sold by the Spares Co also has a right side spring on the brake arm. I suspect this part is available if others are not.

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