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Howdie Chaps,

A very long term itch now most satisfyingly scratched - a 50 Shadow as unearthed and acquired Saturday morning from a 30 year slumber - fortunately its innards awash in oil from that ufm after a complete rebuild unlike the hapless Norton Inter motor alongside - the rest swept from storage in boxes long since turned to dust. All there except for the FF3, FF4 and adjacent eccentrics/spindles etc, will be shopping for those. Completely stock accept Elektron front brake plates.

2nd pic couple of hundred miles back, in the shop and now 32 hours later, starting to rise up once again...that tag dating from Kings of Manchester dealer, according to the VOC it came stateside in 1959 and now hope to be in contact with the 1977-prior owner to fill in some of some (all) of that time gap.

Had been off in a sulk unable to find the "right one", no excuses now, gotta join the VOC.


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