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French, Italian etc rallyists. New law.


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VOC Member
Hi all. From the 1st July, it is now law that you have to wear a hi-viz vest if you break down or have an emergency in France, Spain, Italy or Austria. So to avoid those road side fines, best to pack one. Cheers.

Ian Savage

VOC Vice President
VOC Member
More on Hi-Viz

Just spotted this in the VMCC Journal in the Legislation stecion.

"In france from the 1st Sept all motorcyclists must ware a reflective (CE marked) waistcoat at night or in poor visibillity when outside built-up areas."

I have not been able to confirm this so far, no mention on AA website.

Are any other countries affected?


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VOC Member
According Dutch ANWB (tourist and breakdown services):
In Spain, Portugal, Finland, Czech, Hongary, Belgium, Montenegro, Norway, Romania, Slovakia and Austria you must have a reflecting safety vest, as car driver and as motorcyclist.
In Italy and Croatia this is only for cardrivers.

But: in some countries it must be a yellow one and in others orange.
It is all very confusing... but colourfull!!!

Piston Pete

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VOC Member
Come to Ireland ,where you can break down wherever you want ,whenever you want ,wearing whatever you want ,just be sure its waterproof :)


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member

I have also been told that you need to carry first aid kit and a warning triangle. Apparently when the law became law the french police did a blitz on the road outside the ferry terminal at calais specifically to catch any english/british vehicle

dont you love the gendarmerie - i think it will be better for everybody if we just colonised that island (europe)just off the coast of kent



Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
but best if you breck down in front of a pub,hope to see on the Irish rally next year a large group of vincent owners are coming from the states.
peter allen


Forum Website User
Non-VOC Member
Do you need a clip board, safety shoes, et al as well? Oh maybe some piece of equipment resembling a meter, perhaps also.......... an identity tag........safety harness, risk assessment forms, the list is endless............I wonder as a 61 year old I,ve managed to live so long


Well Known and Active Forum Website User
VOC Member
Dear All,
What constitutes a break down?. Lets have look at this. Do I have to wear a vest only if I have a break down?. If I stop beside a road to say take a photo, do I have to have a vest on?. If I stop to put wet weather gear on do I have to put a vest on?.
Do I have to do this on all roads?. What about drive ways and laybys'?.
Do car drivers have to wear them?. If not, then that is discrimination.
We should ALL be concerned as it will eventually flow on to all as these things do.
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