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Hi,I am new to Vincents and have a question about frame and engine numbers.I have a early 1949 rapide series c (still has HRD on tank) The frame number starts RC 1 and the engine number starts F10 AB/1 .should the numbers match?.

Ian Savage

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At the outset the frame/engine numbers had a difference of 2000, then as Vincent’s sold engines separately (Cooper cars etc) the difference drifted. It’s one of the ‘open secrets’ of Vincent’s that help us identify re-stamped numbers.
If you want to be sure about the originality of your bike contact the VOC machine registrar at
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Thanks Ian,i have sent a email off to get the numbers checked.

How rare are these bikes and how many where made?.I have much to learn about these great bikes.I rode one for the first time last week and it scared me :eek: .I am used to jap two strokes so the brake pedal and gearchange are the wrong side for me :).I am just finishing a restore on a rd500lc so i should have some more time to play with the rapide latter in the year.

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Hi Rapideo,

As you appear to be just down the road from us, please feel free to ask any of your local members in the Cambridge area for assistance.



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Welcome to the wonderful world of Vincent Ownership. General Information regarding the numbering of Vincents can be had at the following;

Also, as a primer, there are many fine things to read about on the site;

Neil is quite correct in that you should get together with some of the local members, as they are a great source of experience and enthusiasm.

Lastly, make sure you join the Vincent Owners Club. This will be your most important investment, as the return is 100 fold in events, parts and just plain fun.

Good Luck
John R