For anyone awake - Biker Build Off - Discovery Real Time

Marcus Bowden

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No sky & too busy keeping my mike going.

The chopperised Vincent in the MPH a year or so ago looked great, it's nice to see a bit of variation as keeping them bog standard they are not safe to ride and mine is my only transport unless my wife takes me in her car.


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If anyone has a copy of this I will cover costs for a tape to be sent to me as a lot of our parts went into this project and I would love to see the outcome.



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It looks stunning Russ

He just had it on the Salt Flats - did 97 and a bit mph and then got a high speed wobble and backed off - the bike is running the original girdraulics mounted on a longer rake. The bike looks simply stunning, you should be well proud Russ.

I'll have a look and see if it is being repeated - I've never tried recording SKY onto a video but I will give it a go if I can find it re-run, these things are often repeated every 24 hrs on SKY.

The guy looked a bit of a Vincent fan, t-shirt, leathers, helmet all badged Vincent and HRD.

Great programme - I switched on just by luck.



Graham Smith

Be careful if you order a DVD from the Discovery Channel in the US and you live in the UK.

When it arrives, it'll probably be a Region 1 disc, and more than likely won't play in your machine over this side of the pond (unless you have a multi-region player of course!).


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You are right there Graham, I had one hell of a job to get an European copy of "Debbie does Dallas", purely for research of course.

Tom Gaynor

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Not safe to ride

Four Vincents have pulled over 150 mph over the salt with standard "not safe to ride" geometry, one over 160 mph, and this "improved" one gets to 97 mph before a wobble stops it. Does that tell you anything?
Cosmetically, however, it is a beauty. Not my thing, but a beauty.