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Float Bowls


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Here's a tip for the uninitiated.

There are a lot of long arm float bowls around that look like a std long-arm Vincent item but are not. The number on them will usually be '1E' if it exists at all. They were used on Norton 16H machines among others. They are identified by the fully threaded brass fitting at the bottom which often has a removable thin brass nut on it. Even with the thin-nut removed, the std Vincent pipe fitting will only go on with one thread once the fibre washers are in place. That's unacceptable on its own, but given that there are no cross-drillings, the engine will suffer partial or complete fuel starvation! (This might even be the problem with Phil Baker's thread elsewhere entitled Comet Breather Problems?) There is one on UK ebay at the moment ( 271013911501 - 1 day to run) I asked for extra pictures and I can confirm that it is the WRONG one.

The right one (1DV) has a longer brass fitting with part plain shank and part threaded shank and cross-drilling(s) too. This is what you need and I believe they were specific to Vincents.

Hope this helps someone and prevents them paying big bucks for a non-Vincent item!


Peter Barker
Bristol, UK.
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