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First start up.


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As far as I know, Grade 8 is top of chain for SAE, but I've gone up a size and that seems to be holding.
Can't say the same for the knee, it's not holding!



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There is a lot to be said for a cotter pin kick-start joint perhaps a few Vincent design aspects are wanting however I dont suppose any designer expected discussions like this 70 odd years on.

Gary Gittleson

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Then there's this gizmo: https://kickmagicstarter.com/
I saw this in operation recently. It seemed to work. There was no mention of mounting it on a Vincent. Not that I would want one on mine.

I will add that despite being rather short and riding a rather tall D Rapide, I don't seem to have much of a problem. When the bike is cold, I do start it on the D stand but never when even somewhat warm. My bike has a C-style front stand but I don't start it on that. I just take the bike off whichever stand it is on, swing my leg over and start with my left foot on the ground. I don't find the need to come off the seat. It does seem to help to make sure the engine is rotated to the compression stroke on the front cylinder. Then, it's a matter of putting some pressure on the lifter and easing the kickstart until the lifter lever moves in readily. Once in, I just give it a good thrust, letting the lever go at about the same time. One such kick is usually enough, unless someone I really want to impress is watching.


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Nice to see the JE steering head and concentric in the bottom right of the picture, Enjoy riding and if there are any queries concerning either handling or comfort come back and ask.

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