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First ride out in 2021


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Best weather conditions for the first ride with my rapide.Many thanks to my friend Vincent Speet ,he made the Timing of the camshafts and the bike is now a fantastic runner.Vielen Dank Vincent .Erik


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Graham Smith

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My boys and I had a nice ride out yesterday. For once the roads were dry and appeared to be free of salt.

We had our excuses ready, as it was my mother's 87th birthday, and we were on our way down to see her with a card, flowers and cake.

I'm sure the police have got better things to do than stop three motorcycles. (Or have they?)


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I took the Egli for a ride to the welder/fabricator in early January so that he could look over some jobs I’d like doing on the bike. It was cold but sunny. Now stripped to the bare frame but he’s decided not to work until lockdown ends.


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