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Finally got my TTR project on the road.

Mr. Boring

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VOC Member
Looks beautiful and a lot more than a project, is there some fettling needed? Is that a TT10 letting the air in?


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Yes. TT10. I have the original pre TT carb but it needs a bit of work. So far my main problem is the non-return valve is leaking and I need a catch bottle for all the oil that comes out of the breather. I'll probably fit a better breather in place of the coffin lid.

Robert Watson

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VOC Member
Looking good Bill All that street stuff makes is way more complicated, but then I have to sneak mine out for a quick blast and hope no one's looking, or listening!!20161022_164851.jpg


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Hi Robert
I want to use mine for touring and riding to rallies so I needed all that stuff to get it re-registered and for long distance comfort. It was used as a road bike in the early 50s and was originally one of the 1935 TT bikes before being rebuilt with a later engine as a TTC. That sale fell through and it got stamped and sold as a TTR to NZ in 1936.



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It wasn’t as big a project as yours was but a lot more than I had bargained for when I bought it.

Straighten frame
Replace 2 frame tubes
Fix frame tank mounts
Fit breather beading and correct cap to fuel tank
New fuel taps
Fix float bowl
Make new oil unions and pipes
New oil and fuel hoses
New oil tank
Replace all fasteners and studs with correct cei threads
Rubber mount fuel and oil tanks
New 5/16 steel engine and gbox plates
Road style footrests and brake pedal
Remove one rear brake drum as crossover won’t work with race frame and road controls
Add side and rear stands
Reline and skim brake shoes
New solid levers
New guards stays and tyres
Lights battery etc for road registration
Fit new chaincase with seals and adjuster
New chains and sprockets
Make new oil pump
Align flywheels
Straighten conrod
New 0.020” piston
Compression plate to restore original combustion height
Correct oil feed above oil ring
New valves guides rockers springs
Fit decompressor
New cables
Fit speedo
True forks
Make primary chain adjuster
Find and machine correct gbox casing
Build original gbox with oil seals and kickstart from 3 old boxes
Align primary drive
Straighten gbox mainshaft
Add two plates to clutch to stop slip and make lever lighter


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Sorry but I don't have helmet cam. The bike runs and handles very well although it still needs running in.