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Fiat 500 distributor

charles d cannon jr

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Currently reading the new book by David Wright (Vincent Motorcycles Since 1955) and on page 202 it mentions use of a Fiat 500 distributor on a Rapide. I googled a bit and the original distributor is still available for $198 (US). From the general appearance, some mods are obviously necessary. Anyone out there with experience or comments on this? There are also "drop in" kits available to covert the originals to electronic. I'm going to display my ignorance of what is feasible, because I am neither a machinist nor an engineer,but here goes... Create a tricorner adaptor plate, same shape as magneto gasket. The tricorner plate has a central hole. Drill two opposing semicircular slots in the lower "shelf" of the distributor. These slots,through which two screws fasten to threaded holes in the tricorner plate, allow adjustable rotation of the distributor body. The distributor shaft has to be sized down and may have to be keyed and threaded to allow fitting of a solid gear replacing the ATD. Now awaiting arrows in my direction....


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Plenty of brit bikes used the same distributor housing as the 'D' just the job to take a trigger plate
that was the DKX2A I belive but there are many similar and suitable
those 3 studs for the mag are a standard fixing for many bikes -BSA Norton etc etc they had to be as the changeover fron mag to coil went on at the end of the fifties as and when supplies ran out


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I think this might be of interest. Goffy sells a mag body replacement for installing electronic ignitions. Or Thorspark makes an electronic ignition system that replaces the point in a magneto body and uses the standard ATD and mag body. There are lots of options out there for sparks that can be purchased right off the shelf. I take it you're not happy with your mag and that is why you're looking at the Fiat 500 option.

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