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FF57 front Damper eye bolt


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I'm rebuilding a C series Rapide and find in the parts list MO63 it shows FF57 on each side of the bottom of the front damper and also coming out of the front brake plate (FF32) yet the parts list says there are two per bike.
to add to the confusion parts company lists FF57 & FF57/1 two different lengths...
whats the deal folks???


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FF57 is the shorter and original model intended to be used with Vincent dampers. FF57/1 is the later longer model intended to be used with Armstrong dampers as used on 'D's. Only two are used, one each side of the bottom of the damper. I have no idea why there is some information that there are some others coming out of, or fixed to, FF32. Not on standard bikes but maybe someone had a mod to use them for some other purpose. For example, ET154/1s are often used to act as spacer for a stiffener in front of FF32. It is important that the correct length of FF57 is used with its mating damper as this is what limits the movement of the Girdraulic fork legs. Fitting the wrong ones can let the wheel drop too far and then the front mudguard can foul either the mag cowl or the exhaust pipe. This does not aid steering! Good luck.


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Silly me! :mad: However by the time they got to the 'D' this item had become an F57/2, presumable to allow the larger headlamp to be fitted. the enclosed 'D's did not have it at all. I do not have a Spax front damper to measure but its fully extended length is what is important and you need to compare this with a standard Vincent damper and/or an Armstrong. I will now be out of communication for a few days so cannot follow this up at once.

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