Intercoms Feedback Requested on SCALA Intercoms - TeamPRO, G4 and G9


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Afternoon All,

I posted this reply on the rider to pillion intercom thread I started.......but on reflection it may be more effective here as a thread all of its own as the question is a new/different one looking for feedback just on one product range - SCALA.

"Afternoon All,
I've been spurred on by booking to take my daughter to the TT next year to get the whole intercom thing sorted.
I've looked at products by Midland, Autocom, Starcom and Scala.

On the basis of simplicity to fit, use on multiple machines not requiring hard wiring or fitting of "hubs" and one or two recommendations I think I have settled on a Scala system

I'm looking for specific advice now from users of Scala systems for feedback. I am looking at three products, TeamPro, G4 and G9 - haven't yet plumped for one (G9 being the most expensive).

I'd be keen to hear views from members specifically on Scale products and more specifically on these three products from their range if there are any VOC members out there using the kit? "

Much appreciated.

dave g6xnc

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I have Scala as a blue tooth for the gps on my GS, very good indeed never tried intercom but what I have tried been brillant recommend it.