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Had a phone call from a Australian member asked me how I got my info the answer Easy! at my time there were six apprentices we all worked in different sections, Due to Mr Frank Walker( Finance Director) and his wifes concern for us boys we were given a very cheap lunch at no 1 factory Canteen where we all meet and chatted also we were allowed a day a week of to attend Letchworth Tech College chatted there one better, two of the boys that lived near Hatfield were offered transfers to De Havillands which they took and they still went to Letchworth Tech College so we got info on De Havilland I we say this went on in every factory, Letchworth Tech College is no more if you go to Letchworth the Morrison super market is built on that site The two apprentices that went to De Havillands were enticed to go there by Maurice Brierley who worked there and also sprinted a very fast Vincent,
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