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F: Frame F25/7 Rear Brake Lever Variations, or just both bent?


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Hello all,

I've just received the G90 bush and was looking to assemble the rear brake lever, however having got two at this moment in time and having previously put-off the research into the differences I had noticed previously between the two. I've tried to "jig" the two together as much as possible to provide a means of comparison and it is quite noticeable that one is very "straight" in form, while the other is offset and swept up in the Z axis.

Previously on my Comet I had a variation of the two (offset, but straight in Z axis), so I am stumped at whether one is original, both are original, or both are bent!.

Having done some research with Jacqueline's Vincent Twin Super Profile and Cyril Aytons Vincent from 1938, I have come to the conclusion that generally just like JRO102 in early form as on page 17 of JB's book, the form is generally straight with no Z axis sweep up. However I also note that there appears to be a sweep-up on the Z axis on the F25/9AS item as used on the Black Lightning rearsets (CA's book, page 27; The MotorCycle October 6th 1949).

I'm now of the thought that in the below picture the left hand item is slightly bent to the "Port" side from an accident on that side. However the item on the right has possibly been modified to mimic an F25/9, just without the associated mounting sleeve at the pivot point. Any thoughts of wisdom?




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Hi Robert
Depends on the size of yer foot ! They are both correct.Second photo just about makes it ,see wear marks.
See photo`s for variations.IMG_0541.JPGIMG_0544.JPGIMG_0545.JPG