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does anyone have any tips on reflanging the exhaust pipes? I know I can get new replacements but I would like to have my originals rechromed because I know they fit nicely. I know there is a fixture to do this but don't know the details or of any alternatives.
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Flange tool

A simple tool can be made from a piece of mild steel about 3" square and about 1" thick. Bore a hole in the centre the same size as the OD of the pipes. A light chamfer on one side of the hole is a good idea.
Cut through the centre of the hole with a hack saw. The pipe to be flanged is clamped in the hole ( with the tool in a vice, or you can put studs through it) with just sufficient sticking through the side with the chamfer you form the flange with a light hammer.
The hard part is deciding where the flange should be.
It is much easier if you drill the block for studs.
Hope this makes sense, as my tool is not to hand, as captain Vincent has it.

stumpy lord

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pipe flanging

For information on pipe flanging see forty years on artical131 , page299. this from Dave hills in M.P.H 439. you will find it surprisingly easy to do.
cheers norm.


Exhaust pipe flanges

It was Grank Friffin who pointed out that there is a mark on the pipes as to where to cut them for flanging. The trouble is that the mark is positioned before the pipes are plated so it's very difficult to see, but it can be done.
Can't remember where this was printed, though.
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welding a ring on instead

hey folks, i'm at the stage i'm ready to do this job any day and another option is to turn up a ring and weld it to the pipes.
how about throwing that option into the pot for discussion?


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I have only done 3 comet pipes. I use an alloy block made as per the description for the steel block with through bolts to close it up,and heat the very end with oxy acetylene and then dress the flange over.this does not discolour the chrome as the alloy absorbs the heat below the flange area.Best to fit the exhaust nuts to the heads and insert the pipes and mark off from there,as not all pipe ends are square.The 'weld on a flange' method is widely used by the Marston Sunbeam members and all you need to do is remove the old flanges and mig them to the new ones..Best of all get someone who has done it before to do it for you..john