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Ethanol in Fuel and DVLA's change of policy on Licence change /renewal

Ken Tidswell

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It says in this month's CBG that the Ethanol content of fuel, currently 5%, max is to be doubled to 10%, maximum in 2013.
This is likely to cause problems for those of us using Fibreglass tanks. The older resin formulations are not resistant to ethanol. Newer ones have been produced to resist this liquid. Burlens are now producing floats for Mark I and II Concentrics which are resistant to ethanol, and have metal tags instead of the one piece floats. This they claim allows the float height to be adjusted by bending the tag. Some of the older tank lining polymer formulations are not resistent to ethanol either. So beware.
There is another article in this issue about the DVLA's new policy to prevent and i quote ' the potential for losing your motorcycle
riding entitlement from your licence , courtesy of some spiteful careless or just plain dumb operative at the DVLA should be a thing of the past' . This is courtesy of the BMF and other lobbyists applying sustained pressure. If you request and enclose an SAE your old licence will be rerturned to you, with a hole punched it it. this will ensure it is invalidated. The article goes on about the loss of ' Category A' , which is m'cycle entitlement. This has happened to those people who lost or changed address etc, The DVLA would not take photocopies or other means of evidence of entitlement. The BMF have lobbied for better solution. Vive Le BMF !
Oh well , the official denial of this problem went on for long enough, I shall find out in October, when i reach another milestone .
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