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ET104 correct dimensions? lower pushrod tube gland/seal


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I'm interested to see what size seal people are fitting here. the hole is 15/16 OD the pushrod tube 3/4 OD yet I have two differnt seals from two different suppliers that are appear to be closer to 1 inch OD.
what's the general consensus out there folks please?


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Now Now gentlemen let's not get rough here. The correct type is a lipped seal very much like a hydraulic brake wheel cylinder seal so it will measure oversize to the crankcase as the lip gets compressed during fitting. I recommend fitting new seals top and bottom after checking the tubes for damage as fixing this problem later can be very fustrating. Additionally the use of rubber lube or simply grease helps in seal fitting. Just follow the time honoured practice ........


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interesting task. Had a frustrating time when pulling pushrod tubes up they kept pulling the seals out of the crankcase even though i'd lubed the inside and not the outside of the seal.
when i measured the hole i thought the seals i had were oversized (two different types) decided to go and source some more 'oversize ones' and fit noting to that the brand spanking new stainless flash varied in od by as much as 5 thou.
hole size 15/16th seal size 1 inch
new seals put in exactly the same way stayed put when i moved the tubes up after head on...
BTW tube seals are the correct type it seems, where the inner lip is not quite as long as the outer.

thanks Dave (passenger0_0) goes to show that us kiwis are a bit fussier than the 'others'
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