ESA removal on a Comet


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I'm attempting to remove the ESA on my comet for the first time tomorrow. First problem is I must go and buy a spanner of some sort.
The nut seems to be 1 1/4" A/F according to my expensive wooden ruler. I left my vernier at work!!
What is the best thing to use? I fancy a hexagon flogging spanner if I can find one. Or will a regular combination spanner do the job?
What is the best method of locking everything up?



stumpy lord

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first get your self a good 3/4 witworth 7/8 b.s.f socket, then grind or turn of the lead in on the socket( the engine shock absorber nut is very thin and unless you get rid of the lead in on the socket you will not get full loading on the nut.

To lock up the engine, remove the spark plug, and turn the engine untill it coming up to compresion ( both valves closed). then introduce a long piece of clean rope into the cylinder. I usualy use a piece of number 2 nylon. Next slowly rotate the crank untill the rope is compressed by the piston against the cylinder head, thus locking up the engine. When you want to tighten up the crank nut, you do the same thing but in the opposite direction . Rember to do it on the compresion stroke and no damage will be done. which is more than can be said for the spraging technique advocated by some members.
cheers stumpy lord.

Ken Tidswell

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If like me you have a selection of tools for brutalising Vins a 2foot pair of Stilsons or their equivalent,mine are Record will grip the ESA spring carrier. You can then use your 3/4'' Whit socket ground flat as suggested on the nut.
They are also very good at destroying gas fittings or central heating joints. The spring carrier is not marked .
So, Norman smoke your string Ken


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I have always used an air impact wrench. No need to lock up anything. If I remember correctly, I use 1-5/16" standard socket.