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Electronic magneto


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The Rapide is now UK registered and ready for use ... when the weather gets a bit better ... but its pig to start.

Previous owner told me that the mag was getting a bit tired so next job over the winter is to look at that. I've seen good things written about the BT-H magneto. If i'm going to have to shell out to rebuild the mag, would it be money well spent on getting one of these instead?

Are they as good as the stores tell? Do they help starting much?



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use that search facility at the top right of the forum there must be tons on here about the B-TH electronic mag
pros and cons
Me? - no problem, electronic mag every time

Alan J

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It is still cheaper to repair a mag. than buy electronic! mag.s have served me well for thirty something years! At least you have a chance of fixing it in "foreign parts" But then I'm stuck in "the sixties!"


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Me? - no problem, electronic mag every time
Me -- no problem, standard mag every time.

Unfortunately, a fair number of people who swear by electronic mags have them because they spent too much time and money in the past swearing at badly repaired standard ones. The problem isn't the unreliability of standard mags, the problem is identifying someone who actually knows how to properly restore one. For much more on this, see post #464907 at BritBike Forum:

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