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ET: Engine (Twin) Egli-Vincent Godet Sport GT 2004


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I have Patrick's, Godet Sport GT. His 2004 Stafford Show bike. From the very minimal spec. I have of it, the clutch is described as "Multiplate dry with Kevlar friction discs" nothing more than that.
After a squeal developed I stripped the plates and cleaned them up. The clutch works perfectly, smooth and quiet. I believe the clutch to be a proprietry one but does anyone know what bike and model supplied it ? As I said the clutch works very well at present but the Kevlar inserts look very thin indeed and will I'm sure need replacing sometime soon. There are six fairly narrow friction plates, and six substantial cups and springs held down with 6mm alan screws
Thanks in anticipation

Vincent from Ghent

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Hello Colin, what do you mean by "very thin" ? Those inserts are very thin when brandnew so I wouldn't worry too soon.


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Mine (built defore yours) was a Ducati as said Patrick (not sure), but it was a B RAPIDE engine, but I do not remember what was the model fitted with.
maybe , you have to picture it, size it ask around or ask to François Guérin, Godet motorcycles
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Vincent Brake

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I think they can be from usa somewhere. Orange.
Also used in a triumph T140.
I will look it up and come back to you.

Vincent Brake

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at last found it Colin, apparently thiumph s are very prone to clutch problems, so one of our loclas got himself an orange colored set of very thin www.MAPcycle.com plates, no problems any more. but later it became a bit grabby, so he got the Harley primary chain case oil out and put in normal motorcycle oil.
as so far no problems.

i did my T140 with 2 plates more as standard, as i could machine on a magnetic chuck, the steel plates down, each side 0,2 mm. so that and a Norman hyde set got me a very light to handle clutch.

the same idea is up for the 1330 G. but than with a N Videan 8 plate Basket, so i can stick in 9.

its becoming more and more a Duc.2019-04-02 10.51.33.jpg