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Egli Comet races in Oz

Grey One

Well Known and Active Website User
Non-VOC Member
An Egli Comet was raced at the International Festival of Speed, by UK (Welsh) rider Alex Sinclair, under the Peter Fox Racing banner
Held this last w/e at Eastern Creek circuit, the weather began fine but not excessively hot, then gradually deteriorated until on Sunday the event was eventually abandoned due to torrential rain.
Despite the appalling final race conditions, Sinclair finished every one of his 5 races, with finishing positions 5th, 3rd, then three 2nd place finishes, a highly commendable effort
Where were the local riders when all this was going on ?
In all probability whingeing that it was unfair for UK riders to bring their own weather !

david bowen

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VOC Member
Every time it rained when I went to Aberdare park,so being a Welsh rider Alex is used to it. also Aberdare park was John Surtees happy hunting ground on the flash

greg brillus

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VOC Member
Eastern creek is a great track, especially for the old bikes. It has a fast down hill main straight that you can get up some excellent top speeds, and the rest of the track is full of great corners, although turn 2 feels like a left hander that goes on forever. I raced there in 2016 for the same event, first race late Friday afternoon and the sky opened up for a real drenching....... Shortly after the rain stopped they announce the start of racing, to which I was supposed to be in. I was not game enough, and after asking several other riders I knew there, I decided not to go in the first race. So I stood up on top of the main building and watched the carnage as near 60 bikes all took off........They had to re-start the race 3 times, due to crash after crash.......... On the Saturday late morning I went out for my first time at the back of the field......... The power of the bike was a real advantage, as by the time we were at turn 2 I had overtaken 3/4 of the field. I would like to go back there again as I really enjoyed the circuit ........ Maybe next year.
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