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For Sale eBay Head Stock

Graham Smith

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I'm not entirely convinced it's a scam.

Simon might be able to tell us one way or the other.


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On initial look it may be an original, but I would need better photos and also I cannot see a frame number on it. Without a genuine number you would not be able fit it on a bike in U.K. and then apply for an age related registration. The DVLA require a frame number and for it to be dated by number and also for the number to be confirmed as genuine.



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It does not seem to have two additional mounting holes as described unless I am missing something. It looks to me like the first and third mounting holes on the column are drilled oversize and slightly "off" much like the bolts had seized and were inexpertly drilled out.

To "steepen" the rake, you need to think about attaching a bolt through the rear bottom hole and allow the entire FT1/4 to rotate a bit downward, then pin it. It is not likely that two holes would do it.

This is the worst design of the FT1 series (excluding the D) as it bends very easily. For a racer, the FT1/1,2 or 3 would be a better choice, although this one looks to be straight.

With no number and two damaged mounting holes, the price may be realistic.



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I would suggest the seller is not aware that the stock head stock has two mounting holes at the top and two lower rear where it attaches to the UFM. Seeing four mounting holes he believes it is adjustable and therefore for racing. That is just conjecture on my part I will admit.