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ebay fraud


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I was looking at ebay seen this and would like some opinions as i think is fake listing i seen this bike at dealers? they were asking about £11,000 for it about the going rate now for a old triumph any one please yes I like pre war triumphs and it is sin on this web site i have reported it to ebay and wonder if i done the right thing? it looked a wrong one


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When an advert posts a photo of the contact details thus circumnavigating eBay communication it gives a hint as to a scam because any communication outside eBay invalidates any eBay buyer protection. Secondly always look at what else the seller is listing and if there are quite a few different bikes and other high value vehicles all at a low price then the seller is either very poor at valuing a vehicle or more likely the sellers profile has been hacked and its a scam.
They currently have 1500 plus bikes, cars and boats for sale, now let me think about that!


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He scams accounts every week, currently has 1562 items for sale, ones already sold by others, he will take a few deposits and disappear, he has been doing it for 2 years or more eBay don't stop him very quick or seem to care. Kerry


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Ebay will eventually cancel the auctions, but it takes them up to a couple of days to get around to it. I think they hire very minimal support staff, who have to act on such complaints, in an effort to cut costs. This is similar to most large eCommerce sites - try contacting a human at Google or Amazon.

That said, some very basic screening could automatically flag these - look for a large number of new high-dollar postings in new categories, from an account that had only limited activity in the past.

But they probably don't care much. Ebay takes no loss when someone makes a deal directly with the fraudster, as invited by these fake auctions. And really, you have to be pretty naive to think a Buy It Now offer of c. 10% the true value of the bike, bypassing Ebay, is the real deal. A fool and his money...