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ebay annoyance and silliness


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VOC Member
ebay has + and - features but I do keep some feelers out for some stuff,what drives me mad are the number of magazines that have a reference to the bike whose parts you are looking for in the parts for sale section.this always clogs up the searches
The mags should be in their own section that has been provided for them
Of course its impossible to get you complaint across to e-bay as the have perfected the art of seeming contactable but are absolutely not.
It does make you smile when you see some of the items in the 'Vincent' search that were never fitted to a Vincent ever -just who do these guys think they are kidding?
So far this year however they have been very good, bet it wont last.....


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VOC Member
The guy selling a clearhooter switch refuses to acknowledge it is not a Vincent item!!
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