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E10 Petrol the solution?


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Found my old T35 Douglas at back of garage bleeding brown molasses and gunge over eveything it looks like its a case of old fashioned tank sealant,a leaking tap, and E5 petrol. Looking inside the tank it looks like the remains of a dead flap of skin waving about in the brown murk. In a way I am quite pleased I have caught a live one before it reaches my Vincents.I took off, stripped and am soaking the carbs in methanol (got gallons from last race season) a sort of 'hair of the dog' method.
Then I shall attempt to sort the tank with SLOSH from draganfly (no relation to overweight underpowered douglas swansong) and their complementary sealant remover I will report back when completed and as time goes by (there's a song there somewhere):D
I may have said it before Sod the EU and all its works.


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Well I got my two pots the remover and the new ethanol proof sealant in a couple of days
When I opened up the remover it was as Roy said like paint stripper I dithered a bit and then decided to try other ways of removing the old covering first. in the end after the petrol was washed out with petrol and lots of water passed round the tank all the covering became like dry leaves I broke it up with a long shake with granite chippings and pulled out the 'leaves' with forceps lots more runs with the hose pipe (hurry there will be a ban soon) until the tank was back to its rusty old self without any free bits (or granite chips) floating round.
All in all if you can remove the lining without the stripper I think thats best.
Then following the instructions I blocked the petrol tap hole with plasticine emptied the SLOSH sealant in the tank, blocked the filler hole with a plastic cap and plasticine did the 360 degree rotation twice 10 Min's apart and we shall wait and see
further story later in the year
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