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I thought that there had been some discussion here about a dynastarter in the dynamo position, but various searches haven't yielded anything. Any information on this?


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Several years ago I bought a NOS dynastart, hoping to use it as a Comet starter. It was designed for a Ransomes four gang mower which I think was powered by a 250 engine. Its centre height prevented direct drive and I considered that it would need gearing down to to increase the power with which it could turn the engine. This would probably have prevented it from being spun fast enough to generate sufficient power for a road machine.

It may still get used to replace the PAL crankshaft dynastart on my Velorex Oskar as its 2T engine should be easier to spin. A separate starter would be needed to start in reverse.

As I have an electric start Comet and too many other projects, this will probably never happen.


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Hervé Hamon has 3 starters 'almost ready' a Vincent twin one, a Norvin one and a Comet one
Well thats what he said at Stafford. The pictures of three very well engineered items were also passed around.
Lets hope we can fit them before the new EU "whats an historic vehicle?" legislation comes in:eek: (or the EU become history:cool:)
We also serve who only stand and wait.


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Herve has now fitted six of his new starters and they are all working perfectly. He has a 1200 watt version and a 1400 watt version, whihc he thinks will be adequate to start my 1360 with the Prince squish heads. After shearing off a kickstart spline and in the process doing a number on my right knee ( it hit it's own internal stops!) , the Hamon Estart is very tempting.