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Simon Dinsdale

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I am currently running a 60w Lucas dynamo on my twin with which I have no problems, but the electronic regulator to allow 12v output which is to my own design keeps popping the main transistor. Over the years I have modded the regulator to improve its reliability, but are at the point of giving up and purchasing a readily available one.

My question to you is- what 12V electronic dynamo regulators do you recommend and use and on your Vincents and what do you you think of its reliability.

I know people have fitted car type alternators for reliability, but i don't want to go down that route.

Many thanks


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Try Stuart Towner He may still be able to supply a KTech regulator.From £36.00 inc postage as Stuarts advert in march MPH
I have had a 12volt one for 9 yrs with no problem.
Telephone 02083976599. e-mail stuart.towner@blueyonder.co.uk

regards Peter.

Ken Targett

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I'd highly recommend the Manor Tech. DVR2. See
and also
£45 including VAT and UK postage. Got mine a month ago. There are two versions for positive and negative earth. Each can be wired for 6V or 12V. Fits inside the Miller box. I'm using mine at 12V with Miller dynamo with original armature and a field coil I got from Russ, I think, a year or two ago.

It doesn't suffer the problem I previously had with the AO regulator that at slow tickover it wasn't cutting out and I was getting a 3 or 4 Amp discharge to the dynamo. Also doesn't suffer the problem I have with the regulator (not sure which make) on my Venom that if the bike has been left standing for a while, I need to rev it very hard to get it initially to cut in. Voltage and current regulation are good. With main beam on, it balances about 6 mph slower than before in top gear. I don't know about longevity, but nothing to suppose it won't last.



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A Simple Regulator

G'day Simon,
The fact that you made your own electronic regulator indicates that you have more than a passing knowledge of electronics.
Although I now run an alternator, (for more power) for many years I used an electronic regulator with a 12 volt Lucas 60W generator. It was very reliable and the two parts you need are a Bosch RE55 car regulator and a 35 amp bridge rectifier. Both very easily obtainable from car and electronic supply parts shops. These parts will fit into a miller case if thats what you prefer. If you would like to know more then email me and I will do my best to scan the wiring diagram and send it to you.