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[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]http://www.petersclassicbikeparts.nl/index1.html

Has Vin petrol tanks for Eu 350. I wonder if they are better than the others we have heard about?[/FONT]

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I have bought two of these tanks, but they are certainly not ready to fit.
First of all they forgot to fit the 2 ears where the strenghtening bolt and distance piece are fitted at the rear underside of the tank. not a big deal, but it has to be done.Then both of my tanks were very narrow at the end and I had to spread the U shaped tunnel out by 1/4 " using a hydraulic tool from a body repair shop.
it is a pity cause they look to me like a piece of art, why don't they use a sturdy jig when welding the parts together.:confused:
that done they look very good value to me and hopefully will be painted soon.


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I had been considering one of these tanks so I am trying to make sure I understand your findings.

The two ears that you are referring to are these the ears the tie bolt (T39 in the drawing) slides through? Also once you attached the "new ears" is this the point where you had to widen or spread the tank to fit? If so, did this spreading cause any deformity to occur in the top of the tank?

I asked Peter about this and I will post his reply,

"This is a bit new to me, but I had 1 tank which was too narrow at the back
and we pumped it to size easily. If you give me the size in mm that you
need I can check/correct it. There are no ears at the back, don't know
why. But of the 12 tanks I sent away nobody has complained, they are a
handmade piece of art.
If there is a problem with stuff I sell you'll always get your money back
or a suitable exchange, but I don't pay for shipping.
Let me know,
Peter "

I am just trying to get a solid understanding here, thanks for the clarification.


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Hello David,
I am not complaining about the quality of the tank. I have not contacted Peter for a replacement ( I bought the last 2 tanks he stocked at that time) nor a refund as I found that I could rectify the aforementioned faults myself or with the help of my friends. And the price regarding the overall appearance of the tank looks very good to me.
What I certainly will do is pressure test the tank before having it painted and showing it to a Bristol section member he was not sure about the angle of the fueltap bosses for a twin. I cannot say anything about it cause it looks ok on my Single. ( I would very much like a twin though !!!).

your question about spreading the rear of the tank. It worked a treat with absolutely no distortion to the top of the tank. Also there were no funny noises that made you feel like some kind of joint had given up.

Let me state it clear, I am happy with the tanks as they are, but going back to the start of the thread they are certainly no straight replacement.
They are missing the ears, which Vincent put on after they found problems with fueltanks splitting. these ears are a must!!!
Also never have a tank painted before making sure it really fits the bike, cause the 2 tanks I have differ not a lot, but enough to make the oilfiller neck touch through hole in the tank when using the rubbers at the front fixing.

The Vincent is a hand rolled motorcycle, the tank is as well, so they have to be matched!
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