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dumb joke

Mr. Boring

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The pope was in San Francisco last week for a surprise visit. After the issues at hand a cardinal asked him if there was anything he would like to do before his departure. The pope requested a tour of the town and the cardinal told he would get a motorcade. The pope said he only wanted only a driver and a automobile so his limo was readied and the tour began. After a few miles the pope dropped the dividing window and told the driver how nice the car road. After a few more minutes the driver dropped the divider window and asked if the pope would like to take over the wheel. The pope was delighted and they exchanged places. The pope took off and started to enjoy his new liberty and doubled speed limit within a few blocks. A police officer on a motorcycle pulled him over and walked up to the front door to ask for his license and was set back who he saw. He politely asked to wait for him as he would be right back. The officer called the captain right away and told him that he had a speeder and was concerned about issuing a ticket to as he was very important. The captain asked if it was the mayor and the officer said no, how about the governor and the officer said no. Is it the vice-president or the president and the officer saw no, no, much more important. The captain asked who he was and the officer said he didn't really know. The captain said. What do you mean you don't know who he is? The officer then replied let's just say he has the pope as a chauffer.