DUH 672 Rapide

DUH 672

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I am trying to find any information regarding a 1948 Series B Rapide registered as DUH 672.
This motorcycle was owned by my father from 1954 to 1958.
The VOC records it as being owned by a VOC member in Germany until 1999
Can anybody provide any information about this bike?


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Not very helpful, but I have a record of seeing that Reg Number on a B Rapide at the Riders Rally 1986 - which I think was at Arbury Hall, near Nuneaton, Warks.

Peter B,
Bristol, UK.

DUH 672

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Thanks for the info.
I am intrigued that you have a record going back that far; could I ask if that is photographic or just a written note?
If you have any photo's or other information would you be prepared to share them?
Nice photo of the Vulcan, I saw its last flight last year, real shame that its now grounded!