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E: Engine Do Big Bore Cylinder Muffs Need Special Head Studs?


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VOC Member
Hi All,
Well, everything is in the title.
There is no way for the standard ET55/2 studs to go through the holes in my Maughan's Big Bore muff and liner kit as they are to small at 10,9mm.
I've made a quick search but I wasn't able to find mentions of special studs in any of the forums here.
Thanks in advance for any info.

Bill Thomas

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Sounds like Ron's "A" 500 outfit !,
We were coming home from the races and playing Racers, I was Ballast !,
As Ron turned into a roundabout, The front frame snapped and the engine and gearbox went South !,
It made the steering go straight and we finished up in the middle of the roundabout !!,
Great Fun !.


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look at my photos in previous page, now is your chance to go for hollow dowel positioning. In my eyes the through stud design is not overly brilliant , you won´t find this on modern machinery. These long through holes in head and muff are no way exact to machine. Instead put components on a mill for DRO aided boring short close fits for dowels like in engine cases. Easy for assembling jobs later. Long spigoted nuts on top are questionable at best for positioning anything - possibly allright for coping with poorly machined bores as you can bolt this up somehow according to typical toolroom principle: " . . . .it´ll be allright . . ."


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