Definition of 'basket case'


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With the increasing value of any old iron, it is interesting to see the use of the word ' basket case' being stretched to mean any old pile of bits vaguely resembling parts of a bike!

Ebay seems to be the favourite place to dispose of a pile of bits called a basket case for a ridiculous starting bid, any suckers out there?


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There are always suckers out there. You just have to ask yourself,"Do you feel lucky; Well, do you?" There is a Rapide (Repede?) for sale on e-bay in Australia at the moment. Not a basket case but look at the seat stays & ask yourself "If they couldn't get that right what else is wrong?" All for a start price of $58,000. Oh yes, its condition is described as "New".
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roy the mechanic

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clevtrev, that just about sums it up. there is always a reason to end-up a basket case. over the last 40 years i have been persuaded to build at least 20! both cars+bikes. none were complete ,all cost more than they were worth when done. "if in doubt-blow it out" , Roy.


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flirting with becoming more of a basket case than the one you've bought.....

Howdy Chaps,

Hadn't sat on a Vin, let alone rode one nor had any reference machine/ready sources of information like the Internet these days when undertaking my first Vin project, also never had as many sanity checks doing a restoration as experienced with this moldy pile. I flirted with becoming a basket case while resusitating my basket case...and enjoyed (nearly) every minute of it, stoicly resolving never to do it again only to turn around a buy this lump 10 years later to go through a lighter version of same again.