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December MPH


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I received my December MPH yesterday and read it thru last night. This might be the first time I have read one of Neville Higgins pieces in it's entirety.
Very detailed, including a descriptive passage on his bout of diarrhea after dining on curried chicken. As much as I like to push the journalistic boundaries of MPH, I can only think of three possible reasons for the inclusion of such information;

1. The Prof always wonders if anyone out there reads all the way thru his pieces. Including the diarrhea bit is a test to see if anyone did read thru.

2.While at the VOC dinner on the IOM he offered to do a Scandanavian Rally next year. After giving it a great build-up, the response was quite strong. A show of hands indicated about one hundred would like to attend.
This was more than the Prof wanted, and the diarrhea bit may be his way of thinning out the ranks.

3. It is a test to see if the Editor reads all of the way thru his pieces.


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