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Ian Watson

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Hello ,..Has anyone any experince of fitting a David Hills centre-stand (Black Shadow)..your score,,0-10 (10 being childs play). Thanks


Hi Ian,

Fitted one of David's Centre Stands for my Comet, so not sure how this compares to Black Shadow.

But from my experience I score it 1 to 2 on your scale depending on how competant you are with spanner and file - with minor adjustment (filing on new bracket) on primary chaincase side and minor adjustment (adding a spacer) of lower exhaust bracked out a bit so that the exhaust doesn't come into contact with centre stand. I am really happy with it. David was really helpfull and he supplied a stand very quickly. - Highly Recommended.


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I would agree. These stands are a definite improvement for a Vincent and I find it very hard to improve on much of the original. I fitted one to a Rapide years ago so the experience should compare with that to be expected with a Shadow. Dave's biggest dis-service to himself it to suggest that it can be fitted in one hour. Not the first time it can't, if my experience is typical. The problem is that one has to file or grind the part of the stand which limits its total movement. If it does not move far enough then the stand is too vertical and the bike could roll forward if it was facing down a slope and fall over. If it moves too much then the stand goes too far over centre and the rear wheel might hit the ground and hence not leave enough weight on the stand and once again it would be susceptible to falling over. Not wanting to take too much off I fitted and took off the stand 10 - 12 times or more, each time taking a bit more off the stand to allow it to move further. This is not Dave's fault as the bikes are so different from each other that the amount of movement required is very different bike to bike. Once it is on and adjusted properly you will be a happy user. :)


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D. Hills stand

I have 3 stands on my vincents and as far as i am concerned they are indispensable. As for fitting i am at the bottom of the engineering evolutionary scale and even i managed it although it did take longer than the quoted 1 hour
cant recommend them enough



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Mick. Fit it first then remove and get it painted. Mine went on a Comet and was straight forward. One of the best things I have done with a Vincent :D(apart from putting a chair on one!);)

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Currently Dave has not accessed this forum...if you talk to him as an enthusiast you may even find he comes over and fits the stand. I personally regard it is unique privelige to have his knowledge available at our monthly Aldershot meetings. He carries on learning about the many dimensionable variables associated with this unique centre stand accesory of which the Phils would have been proud.

As far as I am concenred it is indispensable.



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"pip" billing stand

It grates on me that this stand is known as the "Dave Hill Stand".


The stand was designed, built, and used many years ago by my good friend and VOC member, "PIP" Billing, who has now passed away. I gave copy's of the following instructions, photographs, and blueprints to Mr Hill, as he had commented on how good it worked on the one I built and installed on my Vincent. I do not cast any aspersions on Dave for his manufacturing the stands or for any modifications he has made. (Though I personally find "PIP'S" original locking foot lever a better design.) I am very sorry "PIP" name has now been replaced as the true innovator here.

Sorry for the rant but at least some of you may now remember "PIP when you put down his stand.

Ken Smith:mad:

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Here are two other photos relating to "PIP's" stand.

All photos are posted on the "uncharacterized 2008" photo file. Go there, open the photo of interest and click on the photo to bring up the full sized document.

Ken Smith
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Mine just dropped into place on my 49 Rap with 21 inch front & 19 rear tyres and was perfect from day one. The annoying thing was having to take it back off to paint it!!!
Lots of people have made their own versions over the years, but not many would make one for anyone. Dave Hills will, and has made hundreds, Pip Billinbgs obviously can't.
Thats why they are known as Dave Hills stands, not because he invented it.
Well done Dave.
By the way, I don't like this using a persons name as the subject. I keep thinking its an obituary



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Got one for my fathers 'C' Rap went on very quickly and easily. Then spent some time just adjusting it to make sure it was 100%

Im sure it was voted as one of the top 2 mods ever done to a Vincent the Stands are A*!

They allow the bike to be started whilst still on the stand. Useful for my fathers Knee replacement.

They prevent 70year olds having to try and stand behind a 1000cc of Vin and lift it up onto its stand.

They can be drilled allowing a disc brake lock to be used for security.

There are lot's of photos of the stand around, and in the photo gallery there were also some of modified and personalised stands.
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