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David Bowen


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Hoping David has a quick recovery and soon back here with his Vincent family.


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Latest on David, following his health incident on June 17 is that yesterday was his first time up and about (with assistance) in hospital following his surgery. His cardiologist is taking great care of him and while due to his general health and age some potential treatments are not considered practicable for him, it's possible he will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility soon. You cannot keep a good man down!

I have passed on your good wishes.


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Just In from DB!

"Hi Martyn
One of the surgeons here in the hospital’s father was in the Vincent Owners Club in the early 50’s. His name is Milford and lived in Southampton UK.
Bit of research for you to do!
Thanks for your best wishes.
David "

Sounds like he is feeling a tad better.

If there any information available about Mr. Milford??


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More 'not good' news about David Bowen. The item below was sent out today by the Oz Vincent Review.

Davud & Co001.jpg

David Bowen - Vincent-HRD Apprentice
The photo above is of 3 Vincent Doyens - James Culver, John Surtees and on the right, David Bowen.

David was the first apprentice employed at the Vincent-HRD works in Stevenage where he remained for over 10 years - during that time he performed many roles including assisting the Black Lightning development project. In recent years David has been a consultant and unstinting contributor to the Oz Vincent Review - proudly referring to himself as the OVR copy boy! And just like the bikes he so loves, he also is almost indestructible.

Some 3 weeks back David suffered an unexpected stroke and was rushed to hospital.

Good news is that David is already starting on the mend. Having yesterday made a home visit in the company of medical professionals it is hoped that he will be back at home in Adelaide, full time, within a few days.

Once home he will be receiving daily home therapy for around 2 weeks then after that it, in addition to the home visits there will be visits to hospital rehabilitation 3 times a week for further therapy and a circuit of the Gym.

He may well come out of this episode unscathed it however it is a long and possibly difficult road ahead for him. I am sure you all join with me in wishing David a full recovery.

It may be a while before David is again using his computer or the telephone. Messages for him can be sent via the Oz Review, email to ozvinreview@gmail.com ; I will make sure they reach him.

That's all for now.