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Dave Prowse (Darth Vader)


New Website User
VOC Member
Some of you may have read that actor Dave Prowse has died. He was the man inside the Star Wars “Darth Vader” suit, and also the long running “Green Cross Code” actor.
The late Harold Greengrass used to organise the Norfolk VOC stand for the long running Police Gala Day in Norwich. One year Dave appeared in his Green Cross Code guise for the children’s amusement.

Anyway, in his slow moving manner, Dave ambled across to our stand and chatted for a while, mentioning that he was a former Comet owner. (Made a change from all the punters who used to own/had a mate that/knew a bloke down the pub that owned a Black Lightning). The late John Thompson used to reply “oh really, which one”?
Anyhow, I thought I’d mention this little known fact as a goodbye to Dave Prowse, former Vincent man.

Hugo Myatt

Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
It is very sad news. Dave was a very nice and modest man. We did a lot of conventions together, until his health precluded them, as we had the same agent. He certainly had had a Comet and other bikes. We would often chat about Vincents and bikes (he with his delightful West Country burr) in the hotel after the shows. Dave was more proud of his work in road safety, for which he was awarded an MBE, than for Star Wars. His opinion of George Lucas was interesting to say the least.