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F: Frame Damper Refurbishment

Bill Thomas

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VOC Member
I just used a small nail, It don't have to do much.
My standard Comet likes the standard shocker, Seems lighter than the others that are sold now,
Up to now, No leaks !!. Cheers Bill.


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If you can get to speak to Paul Ennis he has done a real engineering job on the damper. I got a details sheet from him at the National Rally and I think it includes further mods that were not in his MPH article I will try and fit in making one this winter for my Flash (You see I can do 'looks like standard')


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I tried and failed to re use the old locking pin on the top mount, as it turns out it was the same diameter as welding rod, so insert welding rod after sharpening it a bit, carefully saw it off on each side. Use stainless rod if you want to get fancy :)
Noted I think I have some of that probably 1/16 rod at the moment pin seems OK Alan/Powella`s suggestion for `O' ring replacement seemed a good one I have a batch now from the company he suggested so set to try out the process he suggested. Chris.R


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Hi Chris
use Paul`s idea of approx 3 inch x 2 inch bubble wrap round the outside of the piston body.
Hope this helps - Regards Alan.
Instead of using fragile bubble wrap, why not do what the professionals do and use something intended for the job?
They use either custom made gas cells or closed cell, oil resistant foam. The latter might be easier to source.
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