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D model battery mounting


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Looking at the drawing MO109, the battery bolt FT31/1.

Where does the curved end with the cotter pin actually fit into at the bottom of the carrier

The battery strap that I have was not original to the bike, therefore I need to mount a new original style one. Looking at the carrier that I have I do not see where the curve end would affix.

Does the drawing of the carrier in MO109 correctly represent the carrier?

Does anyone have an image of an original D battery carrier and battery bolt that they would care to forward?

The attached image of my two battery mounts, the C is on the left and the D on the right.



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There is something wrong with the picture on the left, i.e. picture 1. That looks like a 'D' battery carrier that has been modified to fit one of my car alternator kits by moving the battery over to the right of the bike to clear the alternator. As the item on the left of the second picture shows, the battery on 'B's and 'C's should have its wide dimension across the bike (fore and aft on Comets) so what is the engine out of on the first picture? A standard 'D' has the battery carrier over the raised portion of the ally plate behind the kick start cover (G50) and some of these have a flat on top which means that there is no problem moving the battery carrier to the right on open 'D's to clear a car alternator. Other G50s have a rounded top which can cause trouble. I know this is not the answer to your question but something is already not standard as far as I can see.
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