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Cylinder Lubrication


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I was lucky when I replaced my big end and mains in 2006/7 to obtain an exchange assembly of con rod and big end from the Club. A very good local engineer aligned the flywheels ( though I had done this myself a couple of times when I had access to lathes etc. at work. The first time was to throw out the original crowded big end which was well worn at 20,000 miles, and the second at 63,000 miles because I had found a little play again).
He also checked the alignment of the small end bush which was in fact OK.
I never had any problems in use and have since done over 50,000 miles on this bottom end which is still very quiet and been run for many years on Morris Golden Film 20/50 oil.
The cam and followers are still the originals which were in the bike when I bought it in 1956, though the rocker spindles have been replaced once.
It has now done around 106,000 miles but not hammered at racing speeds on its trips round Europe, Scotland and 40 or so journeys from Essex to Heysham or Liverpool to go to the Isle of Man.
Treated reasonably I think it is a very tough and reliable bike and much easier to live with than a twin !!!