Craven Partitour survivor - Henry Wells


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Craven Partitour survivor - Henry Wells

The reports of Craven Partitours in the 1960s, in 'The Motor Cycle', mentioned a trusted lieutenant "Henry-with-the-Vincent" who helped lead some of the tours.

I have received some info from another Partitour survivor - on the lines that:
"Henry Wells was from Winchester, is probably unwell now, his late wife was Jill Wells.
He had a round face and glasses and was always happy."

A WW2 veteran, Henry is now getting on in years and is probably now in a home for aged persons.

I wonder if anyone has any contact details or other info?
If so, a PM would be appreciated.
A long shot, I know, but worth a try.

And no, I am not wishing to find out if he has a pile of old bikes stored away somewhere.
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