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COVID Vaccinations available from the Veterans Administration


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Greetings All,
I would like to give a public service announcement. This announcement is only applicable to U.S. military veterans, who are currently registered with the Veterans Administration. As I am sure you are all aware most municipalities who are providing COVID vaccinations are targeting those individuals who are over 65 years of age or are front line health care workers or deal one on one with the public on a daily basis. That leaves the majority of the rest of us further down the waiting list, which is understandable, we are lower risk of severe problems. If you are registered with the VA health care system you can go to https://www.myhealth.va.gov/mhv-portal-web/home and register to receive the vaccination regardless of age. I found out Tuesday evening that an acquaintance of mine, who has just turned 50, was called by VA hospital he is registered and asked if he would like to be vaccinated. He had not even put his name down. So yesterday I phoned the VA hospital than I am registered with and stated I would like the to get vaccinated. The first thing I was asked was who was my health team, I didn't know but that wasn't issue, next question was could I be there in a half hour? I couldn't so I was scheduled for a late afternoon/ early evening appointment of 5:30 P.M.. It took longer to walk to and from the clinic from the parking lot than to sign in, get the shot, and set up my appointment for the second shot.
So if you're under 65 and registered with the VA and would like your vaccination, but can't get it because your Dr. or health dept. isn't giving it to under 65s yet. Call the VA.
Steven Meakings
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