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Correct head light on a Black Shadow


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Non-VOC Member
Hi. I have tried to search and did not find what I was looking for, hence my question. First, I am Swedish, so please overlook ,my english. I have a 1951 Black Shadow in a quite good condition, everything is ok with the bike, but it is the wrong head light on it. I have seen Miller replicas, does anyone know where to buy one? Are they ok or lokk just rubbish? Would be nice to have my Vincent to look like it should.
Thanks in Advance

chankly bore

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If your machine is ex U.K. it was most likely fitted with a 6 1/2" Miller headlamp. The ones from India have an extra hole in them, so are not right. The ones the V.O.C. Spares Co. supply (which may also originate in India for all I know), are pretty close to right. Get the correct "MILLER" diamond glass while you're at it! Some U.S. machines, and perhaps some Continental ones, had a different, deeper 7" Miller headlight. As usual, I stand to be corrected. Cheers. P.S. If you have an 8" Miller on your bike, you will have a great deal of bargaining power!


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I just noticed the other day while looking over the factory sheet on my 51 Rapide that it was specified that it have a sealed headlamp. Your's may be the same. Mine was a US inport to Louisiana. Good Luck


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If you have a 7" Velocette headlamp then that is worth almost as much as a 6 1/2" Vincent unit. Buy a shell, rim and lens from the VOC spares company then worry about the switch and ammeter if they are wrong. The correct reflector will be harder to find.
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