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continental rally´s in september


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
hello from snowy austria!

this is an invitation to all to take part at our beautiful combined 3 stage continental rally spread over germany, austria and italy.
the first stage from the 12.-14.09.2008 in germany is organised by ute and reinhard augustin (members of the north-west-german section), details in january mph. contact: tigervinnie@ute-reinhard.de
the second stage from the 17.-22.09.2008 in austria, village: wagrain - same hostel as the last one. details in january mph. contact: schartner.m@sbg.at or phone 0043-6413-8168. (sorry no section, just a one man band).
the third stage from the 26.-28.09.2008 in italy (north west part) organised by giovanni and his friends from the italian section. details and contact in next mph.
it´s up to everybody´s chioce to go for all three rally´s or just to one or two.
we hope to encourage a lot of our friends to give us a visit and make a nice holiday covering a few beautiful regions in central europe.

all the best for the rally season 2008

michi schartner


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VOC Member
Continental Rallys

Hello DaveGS

the answer from krautrapide was a joke naturally. We will be glad to see you, which bike ever you will use. We are looking forward to meet you.
Ute and Reinhard Augustin (rally organizer)

dave g6xnc

Well Known and Active Website User
Non-VOC Member

Oh, now you tell me, I've already painted it black- just waiting for the gold leaf!
Will do my best to attend as it sounds like a very nice idea.

best regards,
Dave gs.


Well Known and Active Website User
VOC Member
hello again!

everybody is welcome to join our rally´s. nice people count - not their type of transport!
as long as you enjoy our countryside, meeting people with the same interests and bring some fun with you, it´s worth coming.
one highligth is a visit to the ktm motorcycle produktion, another one a ride up the "großglocknerpass" (tim kingham is able to tell some race story´s), look at: http://www.reisemosaik.at/Grossglocknertrophy/index.htm.

all the best from austria
michi schartner

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