Comet to ride!!


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Hello Vincent People,
I am wondering if there may be someone out there with a Comet they are willing to sell. I have had and still have a few old bikes but am looking for a useable practical type machine that my wife and I can ride and enjoy together. I don't mind a bit of recommissioning or repairs, I enjoy it!!
It'd be great to meet you all at some stage, a great interest these Vincent bikes. I just finished a book about Sid Biberman which I really enjoyed.
Also, congratulations on your fine taste.
If you have a machine you are willing to part with, or know someine etc etc please just give me a call, guaranteed good home!!
Billy Knight. (023) 8066-6639 or 07824-409711.


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Hello Dave,
thanks for the welcome! Good to hear from you.
I would love to get out riding but I think the outfit you are talking about may not be for me. The Rudge outfit has been good fun but is just not practical in todays busy and rushed roads, hence it is going and to be replaced by a more modern solo machine.
A couple of friends out in NZ have had Comets for many years and they have been tough and faithful machines. I'd like a bike to ride and would love for our three year old Daughter Meredith to be able to get on the back of a bike.
I'd appreciate it if you could get the feelers out for us, we are quite serious and as I guess you would know we would ride and enjoy this machine as it should be.


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Billy and the comets

Hi fellow Rudger ! May i suggest you join the club I think it is Pat Coles in your neck of the woods, luvely people just like Rudgers, hey and guess what? quite often the same people,-- small old world innit. Pat & the section will keep a watch for you I am sure, give him a call, you might have to be patient to get a bike sold to another enthusiast by an enthusiast and therefore at a sensible price outside the current lunacy, so stick with it and good luck.