comet timing with incorrect marked pinions


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Just finished rebuilding my comet NWB 101 after it being in bits for a number of years, although it runs nicely(i think) It seems a bit lacklustre after 50mph I feel
the valve timing is out as on tickover a thin mist of fuel comes out of the carb bellmouth.This is what i did to time it with unmarked pinions.
1, find tdc firing stroke 2 ,turn engine back and then forward to42 bTDC,3 after
slackening tappets and ensuring breather pinion was in correct position turned
camwheels so inlet valve was just opening.4 fitted halftime pinion and key into
nearest aligned keyway.5 turned engine back to38 deg BTDC,spragged ATC to
full advance with points just opening and fitted same to Mag.
What have I done wrong if anything your comments would be appreciated before
i take the timing cover off again. alan


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My mate had a similar problem with his Comet, he said it ran more like the 1920's Humber he has borrowed.Recheck your valve timing as if it is 'late' as I think it may be( peters was about 20 degrees out). The method in Richardsons may seem labourious but it is accurate. A suck-it -and-see method is to have the valves rocking (exhaust just closing,inlet just opening) on top dead center.

Len Matthews

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Comet Timing

Another possibility for sluggishness may be your silencer. Some pattern ones are far too restrictive as some owners have found out despite careful checks of timing and carb settings. I could be wrong but worth considering.